Monday, August 20, 2007

My faith restored... at least a little bit.

Well it looks like Hurricane Dean will be missing us here in Houston *knock on wood*.


Because I went and spent $200 on hurricane readiness supplies. Water, food, hurricane clips and plywood. Murphy's law went into effect as soon as I put further strain on my poor, whimpering credit card.

But something else happened that restored, at least in part, my faith in humanity.

I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to get to the Home Depot right as they opened Saturday morning so I could get some plywood before there was a run on the stuff. And I wasn't the only one with that idea, either, a good 10 other people, mostly men, were there as well. As the store opened, we quietly walked over to the 'shopping carts' for lumber and stood in line to grab our plywood. They had plenty to go around, so we were all very patient.

However, with the exception of the first couple in line, we were all there by ourselves. Once the couple had placed their plywood sheets on their cart, they hauled it off to check out and the next guy in line pushed his cart up to the stack. But he was by himself and those 4' x 8' sheets of 1/2" plywood aren't light.

With only the slightest hesitation and not a word spoken, the guy behind him in line walked up and began helping him load his cart. And so it went, as the next person in line walked up to the pile of plywood, the guy behind him helped him load his cart. Once full, he'd go check out and the guy who was helping him would get help from the next guy.

No words were spoken, we all just got the job done. It really reminded me of my belief that deep down, most people are decent individuals. There may be hope for our species after all.

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